Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to fill a position?

Generally, from the time we get started with a search to the time that a candidate is onboarded is 8 weeks. Our clients will have 3 well qualified candidates to choose from within 4 weeks. It usually takes another 4 weeks for interviews, reference and background checks.

How do I know if the salary is in line with the market?

We will conduct a very thorough salary survey which will show a range of cash compensation and equity. Assuming that our clients are open to remote workers we will run salary surveys in three different cities so they can comparison costs in major metropolitan areas verses a smaller city.

What if I am not sure what title/position I need in my company?

One of the things that we are really good at is helping our clients identify the best title for the positions they are seeking. Often early stage startups think they need to hire someone with C- level experience when a VP or Director will suffice.

Can you help with the job description?

Our team will work with you to create a great job description. If you do not have one, we can start from scratch with just a few bullet points. If you have already created a job description we’ll work together to make sure that what you’re looking for is very clear.

How is working with a recruiting firm better than a DIY search?

If you use a do it yourself model and post a job on LinkedIn/Zip/Indeed, you might come up with some good candidates. When you work with people connect we come up with a list of 150 qualified people coming from 3 sources: first and foremost, we do old fashioned headhunting, looking at targeted companies to see if we can poach the right person for you. Secondly, we have over 80,000 candidates in our database. And Third, our positions are posted on 150 job boards and discussion groups… not just the top two or three. Once we have a compiled our list of 150 potential candidates, we will interview the top 20 and have 3 outstanding people to you within 4 weeks. If the right person is not presented, we will continue to source, interview and present candidates until we make a match.